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CT Style

Posted by afterthestorminc on July 31, 2009 at 11:57 AM Comments comments ()

Wow! After the Storm made an appearance today on Connecticut Style to show off our bras for the runway show in August. I have never been in a TV studio before and was very much in awe with how it all works. The staff at Channel 8 were warm and friendly. They put us right at ease and walked us through the entire piece. It was so much fun to watch Sonia and Desiree joke around with each other. They had so much fun at work. I was jealous! We would like to thank our models today Karen, Christina, Megan, Amy, and Maggie for being so daring. I ended up watching the segment at the Cancer Center with a bunch of the staff…it was awesome!

-Christine Willett


Posted by afterthestorminc on April 28, 2009 at 11:51 AM Comments comments ()

I am so excited about having this up and running! It definitely makes all of our hard work seem more real and that we are on the right path to being able to help others after their diagnosis. None of this would be possible without the tremendous support I have received from several individuals. My husband, Bruce, has been the driving force behind this…always telling me that this was possible. My sister-in-law, Jeanne-Beth, who is always willing to do anything that is needed, from finding port-a-potties to helium tanks. Stacy, the person who we all depend upon the most, has been our designer for all of our print work and our multi-media expert. Karen, our treasurer, who jumped at the chance to get involved with my dream of helping others. Melissa is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, even though she is extremely busy with her own two girls and going back to school. Kat has graciously donated her time and effort into creating a website and explaining everything to me over and over. And finally, Kristin, the brains beyond this operation. Without her help, this never would have gotten off the ground. Watch out cancer, here we come!

-Christine Willett  :D